Rattata is now AAJST(????

AA = always administersJST = justice(???? = question marks - who are we to say who deserves justice?

Learning psychic from a TM can always be done later and if done first it has a chance to be overwritten by headbutt (lvl 24) and poison gas (lvl 29/33)

I made this :D
"Man. This isn’t a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters. It’s twenty thousand monkeys at a single typewriter, and half those monkeys are screaming and desperately trying to progress while the other half throw shit everywhere. It’s wonderful."
-The greatest quote ever from someone in the Twitch Plays Pokémon Red chat (via peanutscratch)


pokémon master!


Living life on the edge is going into a cave without having flash



if you see those before and after puberty things and get bothered because you still think you look pretty gross, remember that some pokemon have two evolutions and some have three

this is the most inspirational thing i’ve heard all week